Bi-amped NSL/NSP amplifer; upgrade throughts

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Bi-amped NSL/NSP amplifer; upgrade throughts

Post by Ice Man » Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:11 am

For reference, I have a custom 200 Series amplifier.

Last year, I auditioned the NSL Jr. bi-amped to my amp; I did not hear the NSL Jr. by itself. The sound was so much clearer, dynamic and realistic-- as if the performers were right in front of me. It was like going from a CRT television to watching a movie on an 84 inch Ultra HD (4K) TV. It completely intoxicated me with its sound, and to say it messed me up pretty badly is putting it mildly. Six months after the NSL Jr. left my house, I was still not able to get that beautiful sound out of my mind. Ten months later, I knew it was still by far the best sounding amp that I ever heard, but the details were now blurred by time-- thank goodness. New tubes, new music and I was....almost fine. The truth was, it simply wasn't the same.

About a year later, I had the chance to listen to both the NSL and the NSP in my house. Specifically, I wanted to hear them bi-amped. Gilbert has a new reference amp which will incorporate both of these amps. The NSL will control the mid-range and above, while the NSP handles everything below. It will have an additional input stage stage to control the volume of the woofers. I have been told that the new input stage will further improve the sound.

First, I briefly listened to the NSL by itself. It was very, very nice. The clarity and realism that I remembered from the NSL Jr. all came flooding back. My full-range speakers are rated 86 db. The NSL had absolutely no trouble driving them to rock music at a loud level-- it was a lot of fun. Knowing that it was as good as it was, I was eager to bi-amp the NSP to the NSL.

WOW! Everything just seemed to come alive. Pop and rock sounded like I was at a concert and the performers were right in front of me. Even though my pair of subs, three hundred watts each, were not connected, the mid-bass and bass seemed incredibly tight and pronounced. As I listened to several of my favorite discs, I constantly questioned myself whether the subs were on or off. Drums had a crystal-like snap that I never heard before. The sound wasn

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