RPD15 customer "review", "feedback" or &

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RPD15 customer "review", "feedback" or &

Post by Gilbert Y » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:53 am

If anyone want a perfect review of a product, just post their e-mail online. This is an e-mail from a customer who send me an e-mail telling me his experience with the four RPD15s in his system. I didn't ask him to send me any feedback nor I have edit his e-mail in anyway except took out his name at the bottom. This is a cut and paste copy of his e-mail with his permission to post on line. We have post his e-mail on the RPD15 product page too.

Hi Gilbert,

I thought it was about time now that I give you a quick 'review' of the results of your work.
Well, they seem to have fixed the transformer buzz! Not a 'peep' since Iinstalled them all. And that includes listening through the '
Critical periods' - Thursday and Friday, late afternoons - when I am sure the 2 local farms and/or the local metalworks fabricant
were using machinery which put 'crud' on the mains. Saturday nights as well - all the local folks at home running TVs and
dishwashers, etc!
But, on top of that there's been a real benefit to the sound quality of audio system. I believe that this may be because I run an
entirely differential balanced system. From the outputs of the DAC, and the tone-arm/phono cartridge, right on through the phono
amp, line-stage/pre-amp, mono-bloc power amps and up to the speaker terminals the signal runs in true balanced-mode. And I
would have thought this makes it more susceptible to the problems of DC offset.
Anyway, whatever - with your units installed before the 4 'Pure Power' isolation transformers I use, the entire system is protected
from any DC off-set. And there is a distinct improvement in the bass! It is 'clearer' and better-defined (it sounds as if it even
'times' better). Right the way down to drum thumps and other normally 'woolly sounding' notes. Most unexpected.

I am well pleased. Money well spent, IMO!

Thanks for your kind help.


A customer from Luxembourg

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Post by wstagner » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:47 am

We have a good RPD-15 dog/pony show that we use at trade shows.

Also when I have a chance to sell one of these I always get the person on the phone to get as much info as I can about their noise issue.

Since I keep these in stock, I allow my customers to eval the unit and keep it if it solves their problem. If not, they can return it to us.

This arrangement has worked well for us (and our customers). :)

A few customers have even purchased RPD-15 as a "just in case" innoculator.
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