Peed Al Sea Thingee a.k.a. PLC Thingee

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Post by WilliaBe » Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:31 am

I think I was semi responsible for the TSPD.

I was on the fence about a PLC Thingee for a few months until Gilbert invented the TSPD. I needed 6 outlets for my gear and couldnt spare the top outlet of the socket that feeds my system.

The Mrs. would not let me plug little yellow banana's all along the circuit feeding the HT/AV. I agree that YB look cool, but she didnt share my opinion. Once Gilbert invented the TSPD, i was sold. It was only appropriate that I opted to upgrade to the FX2 after Gilberts efforts. :D

The fact that the TSPD has more protection than a YB is just a bonus. I do plan to buy some YB for the shop, and to protect the kitchen and beer fridges.

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Don Leman
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Post by Don Leman » Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:41 am

Ya, just what we need a K&BFYB added to the product line. I can't wait to see what the chinglish translation will wind up as.

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Post by WilliaBe » Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:55 pm

Hey Gilbert/Don,

Just got my 6 outlet FX2 w hardwired BC61 and surge protection dangler. I'll be putting it in tonight :lol: .

Thanks again to each of you for all your help.


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Super Happy, but one regret...

Post by WilliaBe » Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:31 pm

FX2 Feedback:

Before buying my 6 outlet, BC61 hardwired FX2, I had bought a couple MKIII Noisehounds to use with my now retired Belkin PF60 PLC. The Noisehounds improved my HT system noticeably. When Gilbert invented the TSPD for his pipe PLC’s, I knew it was time to replace the Belkin.

It’s been 13 days since I added the FX2 into my system. It was hard to not notice the immediate change the FX2 brought to the system. My normal listening levels were very much louder. Silent scenes were now deadly quiet. Bass tightened up and the soundstage is huge. I am hearing details all over the place that I never heard before. Concert Blu Rays are a joy to listen to.

The brightness/contrast settings on my TV were also totally off. Adjustments were required. My set is ISF calibrated. I had to lower the brigntness and contrast settings from their configured levels. White is now pure white, and black is like ink. The biggest improvement is on SD channels which are now very watchable. Also the picture from my Oppo Blu Ray have a dimensionality and texture they didn’t have before.

In summary I am very happy with my FX2. The Belkin PF60 can’t hold a candle to it. The service from Don leeman, and ability to directly collaborate with Gilbert Yeung regarding my requirements was a pleasant bonus.

My only regret is that I should have had it made with the BC62 power cord. Thank you for a great product.

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Post by Jo » Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:57 pm

Hi, everybody,

This is the third night since I have a PLC Thingee FX2 between my stereo system and the wall outlet.

The impressions I'll try to explain below were noticeable since the first minute; during these days I was trying to know if I was really hearing what I was thinking that I were hearing. Yes, I was really hearing what I tell below.

The sound is incredibly more relaxed. Not relaxed as lazy, sleepy or boring. No, no, no. Nothing to do with that. Relaxed like someone who does, as a job, what he/she like to do, understand?

Bob Neill says that BC6000 works as if it takes the tension brought to the music by electric energy out. It seems PLC Thingee FX2 maybe brings a miniature version of that.

The result, that relaxed sound about which I talked, is extremely relevant, as it allowed me get deeper into musicians and vocal performances, noticing the delicacy of each performance and its relation to each other in the group, what makes me feel that I'm coming more near to the interpretation the artist tried to record. This part of PLC Thingee FX2 performance is really, really, really impressive.

At the same time, it's clear now that tension brought by electric energy ocupies a "place". And not only that: the tension I talk about disturbs other frequencies organization on the space.

With PLC Thingee FX2, taking tension out, not only I can listen more details, things that I didn't even know, but also soundstage organization changes a lot, making me think that what I was used to was a truly mess. Now, each instrument is way more clearly placed (in different places than what I was used to), with much more stable and solid image.

Ambience is better than ever, what is especially noticeable with live music recordings.

The sound is fuller than ever before.

I had never been so bodily (PRAT, as some say. But real PRAT. Not electric energy tension PRAT, you know?) and emotionally involved by the music presented through my stereo system.

PLC Thingee FX2 is an EXCELLENT product and a UNBELIEVABLE value. ENTIRELY ESSENTIAL for an audio system, even a very modest one.

I could hear what I tried to describe above while PLC Thingee FX2 was connected to the wall outlet through its original stock power cable.

Until now, I was not able to identify not even a signal of any downside.

I'll add to my system as much "n"X filters as becomes possible.



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