Spam Bot issue and New Member take notes

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Spam Bot issue and New Member take notes

Post by admin » Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:50 pm

To all members and new members

Since this forum moved to the new host we have found a few bugs including old pictures didn't display, new member notices didn't come to us, etc. Now we have discovered we have been hit by all sorts of spammers and bots. We will continue to delete all the spam posts, and take out all the spammers and bot as fast as possible. In case of any spammer managed to slip past us and post something please make sure you DO NOT click onto any of their links. These links can cause you some serious trouble if you accidentally went to their web site.

For the real person who would like to become member, please sign up as you normally would and then send us an e-mail to "" and tell us your user name. We will manually look up and approval you membership.

Until we manage to fix these security issues, this is the best we all can do to protect everybody.


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