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Post by KoryBaugus » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:44 pm

I'm preparing to buy a new integrated and am wondering how these two units compare?

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Post by Raven » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:36 am

At the TAVES show in Toronto I logged over 24 hours of listening to the CS2 with my personal speakers. I had the GDC demo set up in the same configuration for the last few months in my home so I have a true apples to apples comparison in my memory. The only variable: the hotel room at TAVES was somewhat polluted by a 5000 watt home theater setup 10 rooms away...

Sonically I prefer the CS2. Definitely more relaxed and comfortable sound. While I find all BC gear to be natural the CS2 adds more in every way. The CS2 does have the 80 watt option up from 50. I recommend the 80 watt upgrade if you want to match up the power of the GDC. Then again, I have always found wattage to be misleading anyway but the 80 watt option is offered for a reason and your speakers and room size will play a part in your decision.

As for versatility, the CS2 has that indeed. Gilbert joked it was the Swiss Army Knife of integrateds. Though every Blue Circle product can be customized, the CS2 was designed to customize in the most cost effective way.

The GDC is a great product for the money. I have many happy GDC customers including a repeat buyer so I'm not bashing the GDC at all.

My preference is for a hint of tubelike sound (I prefer solid state though) and the CS2 balances this very well.

Lastly, after 24 hours of constant listening the the CS2 I miss it..a lot. That is the best recommendation I can give.

Disclamer: Dealer bias may be present in this post.

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