BC 21.1 and BC 22

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BC 21.1 and BC 22

Post by juszat65 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:43 pm

I am offering a BC 21.1 preamp and 22MKII power ump for sale either together or individually. These are in excellent cosmetic and working condition . The preamp has the shallco volume attenuator and cherry knobs. It uses a sovtek 6922 line stage. It has 3 unbalanced input and a tape loop. Even though it is Blue circle's entry level preamplifier there is nothing entry level when it comes its sound . Meticulously crafted and backed by Gilbert Young . Even though it is out of production there are service and upgrades provided by Blue circle . There website list all these information if interested ( bluecircle.com). The same thing can be said about the amplifier . Originally they were designed to compliment each other but of course the will stand perfectly well on their own paired with other equipments. It is a 100 watt/ channel amplifier with balanced and single ended input and Cardas binding posts . Designed to mate well with tube preamps used as a hybrid system .
I am offering the bc21.1 for 900 $ and the bc 22MKII for 750 $ and make a deal for 1550 $ if you buy both ) .
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