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Well, Gilbert has done it again. A business is supposed to be all about gross sales, profit margins, and all the stuff the keeps a
company afloat, but Gilbert keeps coming up with things that cost less and less while most other companies keep coming up with
new models that cost more and more. The weird thing is Gilbert has been running Blue Circle this way for more than 25 years.
Maybe he is not the crazy one after all.

The newest creation from Gilbert’s unusual imagination is called the Outpost. We’ll explain the origin of the name shortly. The
Outpost is the newest, and by far the cheapest, PLC that Blue Circle has produced to date. In terms of looks, it sort of resembles
the YB surge protector. In the tradition of the ABS-based Thingee line of PLCs, it is not the prettiest thing you have ever seen, but it
really does the job.
The PLC Outpost
The name Outpost has its origins in military strategy. Gilbert seems to think that he is at war with powerline noise. He has stated
that he first got the idea for the Outpost from a customer inquiry. The customer had just bought a PLC Puck and wanted to know if
plugging a power bar into the Puck would decrease its effectiveness. We explained to the customer that it would not affect the
performance of the Puck itself, but the power bar would act as an antenna for noise, and since it was “downstream” from the filter,
whatever noise the power bar picked up would not be as effectively filtered out. This got Gilbert to thinking. Another part of his
thought process was the number of reports we have had from customers who have added Pucks to existing PLCs like the FX-2.
They have reported significant improvements in noise suppression by having the Puck act as a “pre-filter” to the FX-2.

This got Gilbert to thinking about adding noise suppression “outposts” in different areas of the powerline chain. You can plug an
Outpost into a power bar to help suppress any noise it picks up. You can plug one into any outlet around your house to help filter
noise that is being picked up by the dozens of yards of 14/2 Romex running inside your walls. All that wiring is not only distributing
power throughout your home; it is also picking up and distributing noise. If you can set up noise filtering “outposts” in several
locations, this helps lower the noise floor throughout the entire home, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of any other noise
suppression device you may be using.

Now this would not be a realistic thing to propose unless the cost was ridiculously low; and it is. Contact your dealer for pricing.
And for those who would like to get a better of idea of Gilbert’s thinking on this, here is a link to his post on the Blue Circle forum:

In conclusion, the Outpost is really just a continuation of Gilbert’s ongoing attempt to do to two things: eliminate as much noise
from the power supply stream as possible, and offer solutions that are cost effective for the average consumer. It is our humble
opinion that he has succeeded on both fronts (military pun intended). We invite you to check one out for yourself.
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215