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The 002i Integrated Amplifier and 002i External Power Supply (EPS)
This is the little brother of the 022i integrated amp.  It employs the same circuitry as the 022i but with less power.
Gilbert's  post on July 18, 2017 on the Blue Circle forum explains why the 002i was born.

(Edited somewhat from the original) Like many designers, I have many things in the back of my mind. I'm just not able to stop, despite
telling people I am semi-retired, or trying to retire. Semi-retirement sucks I tell you. It doesn't work so far. I am working longer hours
than before I told people I was semi-retired last November.
Enough whining for the day. Last week, we decided to clean up our product line. You will see there are fewer things on the current
product line, including the FtTH2, which is now history. Then Bob Neill of Amherst Audio said I should have a replacement?
Replacement? Replacement for what? For the FtTH2 he said. Oh ........
Then we started talking. The FtTH2 has not been a good seller for a while and all of his integrated amp customers went for the 022i.
Then he said it would be nice to have a little brother for the 022i but was it possible? The 022i was based on the BC1022 power amp
and BC107 preamp. Little brother? Easy. That was done a long time ago when I was building the BC1022. It was called the BC1002.
It never got off the prototype bench. Why, because people want big power, big power and big power. Class D, mon! What's the matter,
big power with Class D plus lot of bass. Don't I see anything about marketing? Nope, I didn't but I had been told.
That was then.
Now I am semi-retired or trying to retire. Screw the marketing even more. I am going back to building something I personally enjoy,
will use and be happy with. Yes, I said HAPPY. I don't use that word often. Here is the list of preamps/amp or integrated amps in my
whole life, so far, which I was, and am, happy to use in my system.
BC1, there is only one in the world.
BC3 Galatea
Please understand it doesn't mean the other BC products are not good. The other are better, sometime much better for some people.
I am only expressing my personal opinion and preference. Don't take it as fact.
So why am I writing this long post after many months of seeing the forum basically dead. It's because I am happy and excited s
omeone and I think alike and decided we need a little brother for the 022i. Here you are the 002i integrated amp.

The 002i still only exists in my mind. We (Bob and I) decided on Sunday (July 16, 2017) we are going to put it on the market. As of
today, all parts are ordered and I am going to build the very first integrated amp which I am going to enjoy building, listening to and
playing music with. A lot of us listen with our eyes. So do I. I listen with my eyes a lot. However, I see things differently than most
others, not just in audio designs. For example, I don't see straight lines anymore. If you know what I mean, you are a wise human
Specifications, Features and Options
     Single Stereo 31 position Shallco attenuator with two gain/level settings for a total of 62
Internal power supply with over 408,000 μF of filtering amp only
EPS power supply with additional 546,000uF of filtering
Fully differential input stage and DC-coupled
80 W into 8 Ω and 110 W into 4 Ω
Fully balanced M2 output stage
Toroid transformer employing core band technology
Optional Features
     A range of optional faceplates cover colours and knobs.
Stainless steel faceplate with black knobs and black cover is standard
RF volume remote control
Preamp out and processor bypass loop
Additional inputs
Measurements and Dimensions
-Residue noise reference to full power output: >- 100 dB or < 300 uV non weighted
-Residue noise reference to full power output: >- 108 dB or < 100 uV within audio band
-Tracking error: < +/- 0.05 dB
-Frequency response (10W into 8 ohms): 10Hz to 50K +0.00db, - 0 dB; - 0.2 db at >100kHz
-Distortion at 10W into 8 ohms: < 0.25 %
-Voltage gain: 34.5 dB
-Input sensitivity: 0.50 V
-input impedance: 100k

-17.25" wide x 4.75" height x 14.25"deep    -1.125" more for front knobs, 1.125"
   more rear for binding posts) - integrated amp
-5.75" wide x 5.25" height x 14.5" deep - EPS power supply
-35 lbs integrated amp       -18 lbs EPS power supply     
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215
Shown Optional external power supply 002i EPS.
Shown Optional two sets of binding post per channel.