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Blue Circle's classic premier products - our single-ended tube pre-amps and Class A, single-ended, hybrid amplifiers - achieved a unique reputation for their uncanny ability to 'the put the music into the room.' Rising above comparisons of warmth, coolness, resolution, soundstage, and the like, they proposed something that supercedes all of these parameters. These components demonstrated that it is possible to reproduce music in a whole and natural way, in which all of the usual parameters are met but none is conspicuous and separable from the others. With music played through the BC 3 and BC 3000 preamplifiers and through the BC 6 and BC 2 family of amplifiers, neither beauty nor accuracy is compromised.
Until now, the only limitation on our hybrid amplifiers has been their inability to drive extremely difficult speaker loads because of their relatively low power and single-ended topology. We have long believed that these two features were inseparable from the kind of natural presentation that is our standard. When potential buyers came to us with their 4 ohm/85 dB speakers, we had to shake our heads ruefully and send them elsewhere. Some stubborn lovers of our amps held out, claiming they could get wonderful performance from seemingly impossible combinations: Gilbert Yeung himself gave them hope, admitting that he got great music out of his classic CLS IIZ's driven by BC 2000's. We know that such mysterious exceptions exist; but not enough of them to satisfy us.
It is therefore with great satisfaction that we announce the birth of our new AG 8000, powerful and elegant new monoblocks that exceed their famous predecessors in the ability to drive difficult loads, while retaining all of the legendary magic of the BC 2, 2.1, and 2000. The AG 8000s put the music into the room with more authority across the entire bandwidth. They produce 150 watts into 8 ohms. They are high-biased Class A/B, true balanced, hybrids. They can drive all reasonable speaker loads with ease, warm up in several minutes, and run cool all day long. Like the BC 2 family, they are airy, open, ebullient, tonally accurate, and holographic. The AG8000 is a product we could not have foreseen as recently as five years ago.
Clearly much engineering creativity is involved in enabling a Class A/B balanced amp to duplicate the subtly and touch of a single-ended amp while also offering competitive power and authority. This has been accomplished by using two single-ended circuits at the input stage and the application of Blue Circle's new "reverse double bridged triple parallel balanced output stage." The results speak for themselves and in our estimation set a new standard in high end audio electronics.

Technical Information

All specs are "per channel"

   * Four separate chassis: 2 monaural amplifiers, each with its own separate external power supply.
   * 150 watts into 8 ohms
   * True balanced topology
   * Tube input stage (two 6922's), Blue Circle's new solid state output stage
   * Two pairs of binding posts for shot-gun bi-wiring
   * Stainless steel chassis with high temperature powder coated BC blue steel cover standard. Other colours or stainless steel covers are available as options
   * Solid wood, purple heart and walnut laminated faceplate
   * BCC1.0 isolation cones standard.
   * Custom Blue Circle Polypropylene cap bypass in both B+ and low voltage power supply
   * Over 300,000uF power supply
   * 2500 watt power supply transformer
   * DC power connection rated up to 34 amps
   * HexFred(tm) Ultra Fast Soft recovery diode in B+ and low voltage power supply
   * Dimensions: 10.5" (267mm) x 9.5" (241mm) x 22" (559mm)
   * Weight: amp: 30lbs
     power supply: 40 lbs
AG8000 Power Amplifiers
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215