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Now don't get us wrong.  We enjoy hearing from you.  This list isn't to discourage any one from calling or emailing but these are the questions that we are frequently asked and if this FAQ page can save you and us (especially us) some time then its worth a bit of webspace.

Q:   I'm shopping for a used BC product. What assistance do you provide?

A:   If you can supply the serial number of the product that you are considering we can supply the date of  manufacturer and service history, if any.  We cannot comment on the condition or suitability of the product as we have no way of knowing its precise condition.  You will have to depend on the seller for any additional information.

Q:   Do you provide technical assistance for service work performed by unauthorized technicians?

A:   We would much prefer that you have your product serviced by an authorized technician to ensure the correctness and quality of the work.  If for some reason that is not possible we may supply advice to a technician of your chosing either by phone or email.  We do not supply design schematics for any of our products.  Basically, if your technician can't troubleshoot a Blue Circle product without a schematic he probably shouldn't be working on it anyway.

Q:   Why don't you post schematics on your website?

A:   #1...this one is for the do-it-yourselfers...Design your own amp :)

      #2...this one is for everyone else...Setting aside the whole issue of proprietary information our legal beagle has advised us not to post anything on the site that could be construed as encouraging consumers to attempt any service or modifications on their own.  We simply chose not to open ourselves up to this sort of liability issue.

Q:   What tubes do you recommend be used with your products.

A:   We use Electro-harmonix and Sovtek 6922 tubes in all our current production models. We recommend that you use the same when replacing the tubes in your Blue Circle product.  Although there are many other brands and you certainly may prefer one of them we really can't recommend one over another.  It is very much a matter of personal preference.

Please do not contact us asking for tube rolling info. We are not an information resource for tube rolling.  Any emails we receive asking for tube rolling info will be referred to this FAQ page.

Q:   Do you have B stock or demo units for sale?

A:   We don't have B stock. We don't run a high volume assembly line. Most products are built to order one at a time so we don't generate 2nd quality product.

       If we have demo units the chances are pretty good that they are being used for demo purposes.  If we decide to clear a demo unit it will usually be sold through one of our dealers.You may want to check with them to see if they have any factory demos or perhaps even some of their own.

Q:    Do you have a catalogue that you can send me?

A:    No. We don't have a hard-copy catalogue of our products. All of our current product info is available on this website.  If you are reading this FAQ page you're just a click away from all of our current product info. 

Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215