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The GZpz power supply is an option for the original BC3000 or BC3000MKII only. Current owners of BC3 or BC3MKII products will first have to upgrade the preamp to BC3000 spec before they can take advantage of the GZpz option.


Another power supply upgrade? Yes, but this is the first one for the BC3000MKII.

Gilbert has always said he can make just about any audio circuit sound better by improving the power supply, The new power supply for the BC3000MKII supports this long standing attitude.

So, how does a more stable power supply make music sound better?

Improving the stability of a power supply isolates the music signal from fluctuations in the power line. The better the power supply, the better the isolation.

The new "GZpz" power supply (yes, Gilbert creates these product designations...it's not our fault) has more than 4 times the filtering of the BC3000MKII. It is the very first brown out proof tube preamp we know of that doesn't require a battery. Even the filament filtering is 5 times bigger than the BCG3.1 power supply. Using GZpz with the BC3000MKII results in a pure audio signal uninterupted by anything that the ac power line can throw at it.

As you can see from the picture this is a big power supply that is packed tight with capacitors. It's the same dimensions as the preamp section chassis.  There's no wasted space here.  It weighs 28 lbs!

The Gzpz Power Supply

for more pics of the GZpz visit the gallery

Six years ago Gilbert built the first GZpz Power Supply. It was a big jump in performance over the BCG3.1 and it looked the part as
it required a full sized chassis. That’s no longer the case. We can now offer the GZpz in the same chassis as the BCG3.1. Dont thank
Gilbert. Thank the wizards that design capacitors. In six years they have reduced the size to the point we can pass the benefits of
their efforts on to you.

Here are some pictures of the first GZpz in the smaller chassis. It is an upgrade of a BCG3.1 MKI to a full fledged GZpz using the
same chassis.

The result is you now have more choices when ordering a GZpz. You can order it in the smaller chassis or you can order it in the full
sized chassis which leaves room for future upgrades.
If you own a full sized GZpz and feel left out dont worry. Gilbert is working on it.
GZpz Power Supply (update May 16, 2012)
BCG3.1 Chassis - and now also the Gzpz chassis option.
Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215