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In our 20 years or so of designing various audio components we have always strived for value whether it is high end or entry level. The majority of our products are available in a basic no frills package. They are also available, at extra cost, with various elegant cosmetic packages that include custom wood and stainless faceplates, chassis and knob options. We try, as much as possible, to offer high performance to the audiophile on a budget while at the same time accommodating those that value appearance as well as performance. The BC301FY is something of a departure. There are no elegant cosmetic options offered. The BC301FY is housed in ABS. Although the appearance is novel the BC301FY is by no means a novelty product. This is a reference quality preamp - in an unusual enclosure.





Yes those are ABS pipe caps and other plumbing accessories. Get past the appearance and what is important is what's inside those pipe caps. The sonic quality is worthy of a "BC" model. The line stage preamp is equalvlent in performance to 90% of the BC3000-GZpz but at a cost of over 40% less. How can we do that? Cosmetics. It's all about the cosmetics. The phonostage is a stripped down version of our best phonostage. The headphone amp is the best amp we can fit in. The USB DAC is a new design for this preamp. If you put everything together and compare it performance wise to a comparable product it is at a reduced cost of almost 50% just because we went with off the shelf ABS rather than doing the conventional cosmetics. It is your decision how to spend your money. We feel it's our job to offer you the option of how to spend it.


BC301FY Power Supply

We go GREEN and save for you (and us.)

Gilbert is notoriously cheap. As a result his lifestyle is probably greener than many environmental activists. He recycles everything and reuses as much as possible. The BC301FY is the proof of Gilbert's "Cheap = Green" motto.

First rule of GREEN, reduce...

We use everyday materials. ABS pipe is inventoried everywhere. That means we don t have the added cost of stocking custom chassis or add to stress on the environment by manufacturing something when it's already available off the shelf. We only buy it when we need it. No left overs and no waste.

We use whatever we have left over from other jobs. That s why the top and bottom plate of the power supply and the base of the preamp all look different. They are different. They aren't B grade parts though. They are all first grade parts that have accumulated in inventory from previous custom jobs. We are not a mass production line, everything here is made one at a time. Very often, there are left over parts and material from other custom jobs. Nobody buys just enough for a job. We always buy a few extras for those (rare) occasions where something goes wrong. Those are perfectly good new parts that have accumulated on the shelf. So we've decided to use them here and if you will take whatever we can use around here, we will pass the savings on to you. Of course, if you prefer a matching top and bottom plate and the base, we can certainly meet your needs with a nominal additional cost.

We pack it well, very well, in all left over and recycled materials. That includes the box. If you get a new box it's because we didn't have an old one that was suitable. We also have plenty of foam scraps to use. The preamp will be packed well and securely for the journey to your home but don t expect a fancy custom cut packaging job for this preamp.

We also build most of this preamp with solar power a.k.a. "cheapskate sun juice." No kidding. We have a solar powered bench. When you live in the country the electrical service is spotty so if the power goes out we switch over to solar.

We'll have a pic of the solar bench here soon. Promise. No, really.

In case you're concerned there's no cause for alarm. All the essential parts used in the BC301FY are brand new and carry our standard parts and labour warranty. We don t recycle the important stuff.

Modular design for add ons and future upgrades.

The base preamp unit consists of four pipe caps. Individual modules can be added on when or if the user wants to upgrade. Phonostage, headphone amp, USB DAC and regular DAC would be additional modular add-ons. Buy what you need and save what you don t need.

Somebody always wants it cheaper.

At this point, we believe we have done all we can to cut costs without cutting audio quality. If you still think the BC301FY is too expensive, we are sorry we can t do more for you unless you are willing to cut performance. Remember, you still get what you pay for. Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it.

See pricing page for cost of each module

Standard Features

3 line level inputs

Gold plated Grayhill selector switch, of course it s the same one we use in the BC3000.

31 x 2 position Shallco attenuator

3ft x 2 umbilical cord

Optional Features

47 x 2 position Shallco attenuator

RF remote controlled motorized Shallco attenuator (must be 47 positions)

Regular RF remote volume control

Tape loop

Processor bypass loop

Various loading plugs for phonostage

Plus: Whatever you can think of as long as it is do-able.

Additional cost for various options depends on the combination of options. Please contact your dealer or us for details.


Residue noise: >-110dB un weighted

Frequency response: 10Hz to 50Khz, +/- 0.1db, -3db >300Khz

USB DAC: 16 bit 48kHz non up sampling design.

Dimension: custom shape and size available. Contact us for details.

Weight: preamp 20 lbs to 25 lbs, depends on number of modules

              :power supply 22 lbs to 26 lbs, depend on various options

The BC301FY carries our standard 3 year parts and labor warranty.

For more photos of the BC301FY click here.

For even more photos of the BC301FY click here.

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215
BC301FY Linestage Preamplifier