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Most people who know anything about Blue Circle know that much - if not most - of the new production gear is the result of Gilbert’s constant creation of new toys for himself. Gilbert’s latest interest is live recording, and if you have ever performed or recorded in live situations you know that one of the biggest variables is the quality of AC power at a live venue. And let’s face it, live recording means you have one shot to get it right, and the last thing you need to worry about is hums, buzzes, pops, clicks and other noise that you just don’t need on a recording.

The BC6000 is designed to be a high performance, high efficiency power line filter/conditioner, built specifically to handle the unpredictability of AC power quality in any room that you may encounter. No matter how poor the AC power is, this component will at least be able to provide you with a good clean power source to start with. Of course, the recording and performance is still up to you, right?

Some design details about the BC6000. It has a total of 157 individual filters, strategically placed to cover the widest possible frequency range. There are double wire runs to all three 20A Hospital Grade Duplex outlets, and triple parallel wiring in each filter to prevent even the tiniest bit of noise from passing through. The BC6000 comes with a standard 20A Neutrik Powercon twist connector and BC62 premium power cord to ensure the best possible AC power feed at all times, with no chance of the accidental "unplugging" that can occur with IEC sockets.


Because it was designed for on location use, the BC6000 is light enough to be easily tucked under an arm and carried away. It also generates no heat and can be installed in practically any position. In Gilbert’s case, it is going to live at the bottom of a 12 space rack underneath all of his other recording gear. The BC6000 can literally be placed in any location; behind a shelf, upside down, on it’s side, or even covered by curtains.

The BC6000 is designed to withstand the highest degree of physical and electrical abuse. An enormous amount of redundancy and backup (can you say overkill?) have been built into the BC6000 so that it will provide clean AC power anytime, anywhere. So hand it a rotten AC feed, stuff it behind your equipment, let it do it’s thing and you’ll see what we mean.


For the technically inclined (and just plain curious), here is some information about the BC6000 that you may find interesting.....

A triple buss bar has been utilized to eliminate unwanted inductance and ensure optimum power transference. The 157 individual filters are carefully chosen and physically installed in specific combination to form a string of filters covering a frequency range from 120Hz to over 50GHz.

The entire filter network is submerged in a silicone bath to eliminate mechanical vibration. Only high purity soft copper is connected to the filter network, thus avoiding any vibration transfer via the connection, and further enhancing the effectiveness of the filters.

The BC6000 uses only hospital grade duplex outlets to ensure maximum gripping pressure to the power cord prongs. And in case you are concerned about which outlet is best suited for which component, and isolation between digital and analog outlets, don’t be. Truthfully, many pro audio components mix digital and analog technology together. The only way to deal effectively with these devices is to create a "black hole" for noise. This is what the BC6000 was designed to do, and is incredibly capable at this job. It completely eliminates any noise and leaves you with clean power no matter what you plug into it.


with optional black plexiglass faceplate

And the BC6000 doesn’t stop at cleaning the incoming ac power. It also cleans up the digital noise generated by the components plugged into it. This makes the BC6000 particularly effective for audio/video use, since there is no longer any worry about which component should be plugged into which outlet. Simply plug in whatever component you like into whichever outlet you want, then sit back and enjoy completely noise-free entertainment.

"With all of my components ...... plugged into the BC6000, I noted improved pace, attack, soundstage dimensionality and focus. I also thought the bottom end was clearer and more defined, with greater punch. Paul Candy Six Moons November 2007"


*Standard 6 outlets

*12 outlets

*14 outlets 

* First 6 outlets are 20A, the rest are 15A

The additional 6 and 8 outlets are contained in a special BC606 or BC608 connected to the BC6000 by a 24" umbilical terminated with Neutrik connectors.

*Stainless steel, black faceplate or black rackmount faceplate available at same cost.

*Stainless steel cover available at additional cost.

*Rack mount kit available at additional cost.

*Standard 15A IEC ac power inlet also available for those who want to use their own power cord.

*Maximun power handling: 2400watt (20A at 120V)

*Surge protection: standard

*Dimension: 16.75" wide x 3.25" high x 8.25" deep

*Weight: 9.5 lbs


Stainless steel faceplate and cover

"......keeping in mind its build quality, flexibility, cost and sonic performance, I have   to say that in my opinion, over all, the BC6000 is one of the best AC line conditioners that I have heard to date."    Michael Wright, Stereo Times, October, 2007

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"......Musically, the BC6000 will allow every detail in the music to present itself as fully as your equipment can reproduce it." "I could not only hear the notes themselves, but I could get a better sense of how those notes were formed by the instrument or voice making them."    John Crossett, SoundStage! December 2007.

Read the entire review Here.

BC6000 Recording Reference Standard ac Powerline Filter and Conditioner
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