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The Hammond is the one we usually recommend if someone asks us about a high quality power bar for audio use.  It utilizes hospital grade outlets, an extruded aluminum chassis and has a very good power cord. Having said all that it is still "just a power bar."

We got to wondering just how much room is available inside that aluminum housing and what we could do to transform it into a true audiophile power distribution center.  Actually we just like to take things apart and see what makes them tick but it sounds better if we pretend that we had a plan. :)


There was a lot more room in there than we thought.  Gilbert managed to pack the equivalent of  two BC86 line conditioners plus a bit more in there with room left over for a Neutrik 20A Powercon connector.  The addition of the connector allows us to offer three power cord options. The Music Bar can be purchased standard with a 14awg hospital grade powercord  or for additional cost with either a BC61 or BC62 Blue Circle power cord with Neutrik connector.


We expected its performance to be comparable to a series of BC86 line conditioners added to an audio or video system and we weren't disappointed.  If anything it exceeded our expectations, probably due to the superior connectivity of the hospital grade hardware and Neutrik connector. In every case we found improvements in both audio and video performance to be equal to or better than using two or even three BC86 conditioners in the same system.  As would be expected performance does improve with the addition of the superior power cords.  It had better. They cost more.


For those who believe the best connector is no connector at all we are adding another powercord option. The BC606 with a hardwired BC62 powercord. The neutrik is a great connector but even it can't compete with a good solder joint.


*6 Hubbell hospital grade outlets.

*High current non current limiting design.

*Heavy duty filtering equal to more than two BC86MKIII.

*4 powercord options - 6ft standard - other lengths available by special order.

*20A Neutrik PowerCon twist lock rigid connector for "NO" loss power transfer.

*Rigid lightweight aluminum extrusion.

*Dimensions:  13 1/2"L x 2 1/8"W x 2 1/2"H.

*Weight: 1.5 lbs

The BC608


The BC608 is a BC606 that has been supersized.  The BC608 has two more outlets (8) and 33% more filtering than the BC606.

*Dimensions:  16 1/2"L x 2 1/8"W x 2 1/2"H.

    Weight: 2 lbs



The BC606 and BC608 are now available with a standard IEC connector for those who would perfer to use their own power cord.


* No power cord is supplied with the IEC version.

The price is the same as for a standard BC606/608 with hospital grade cord.

The BC602


Neutrik Socket
The BC606


1.  More than double the filtering of the BC608 or more than three times the filtering of the BC606.

2.  One Hubbell 20A hospital grade duplex outlet which accepts standard 15A plugs. 

3.  Standard 3ft BC62 hard wired directly into the filtering network.

4.  Double 12ga solid copper buss hook up between the filtering network and the outlet for high current application.

5.  Comes standard with a 3 foot hard-wired BC62 powercord for high current application. Longer lengths available at extra cost.

6.   Surge protection avaialble at no extra cost.

"This is the best single improvement I have made to my system. I knew there was excess hash, noise, etc., but now I know how much. Everything sounds better, especially vocals. The noise floor has been significantly lowered, and I now hear details and reverberations that I could not before. The BC606 is worth every penny. I have not been this impressed with a piece of audio equipment in years.

...I mean all of this very sincerely, Gilbert. My system no longer has that grayish, veiled type of sound. Everything sounds so much more alive and realistic.

Thank you very much for an excellent product. I would highly recommend both the BC606 and Blue Circle to anyone."

The Schuko Music Bar


The Music Bar is now available with schuko sockets (5) and a variety of cord and plug options. For details regarding pricing and options please contact Blue Circle or your local dealer/distributor.

Contact:  bcircle@bluecircle.com  /  519-469-3215
The BC602, BC606 and 608 Music Bars